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Nada me desanima, nadie me pone mal.

tranquilo, tranquilo, tranquilo, tranquilo

The York Book Review: mixtape of ofletters 


The York Book Review: a NaNoWriMo mixtape (for ofletters)

This is lovely! Thank you so much :)

Also: congrats on your NaNo win!

The House Rules 

House Rules, Christian Kane

"Welcome to my house, buckle up tight; everyone sings and drinks and laughs and gets high"

I’m still baffled by this. It’s too damn catchy and I don’t know why

Got a heart like Indiana
laugh like Louisiana
take me down to Alabama
show me some of that laid back vibe
kissing while we’re fishing in the moonlight…
Shine like California
high like an Arizona noontime, baby when you’re all mine
Anywhere, any place I go
You feel like home to me

Sarah Darling

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Lulu And The Lampshades - You’re Gonna Miss Me

This is the first day of the rest of your life.
Because even in the dark you can still see the light.
It’s gonna be alright.

Matt Maher, “Hold Us Together” (via onesmallinstrument)

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Video Killed the Radio Star by The Wrong Trousers
Original by The Buggles

Theirs is my favorite cover of this song!

In 1997 Marsalis became the first jazz musician ever to win the Pulitzer Prize for music, for his epic oratorio, Blood on the Fields. In 2010 he launched a multi-year lecture series at Harvard to promote awareness of the importance of cultural literacy, with a special focus on the relationship between American music and the American identity.

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The beginning of I Write Sins Not Tragedies slowed down and layered over The Ballad of Mona Lisa.

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Fool That I Am - Etta James

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