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So what if I use fanfiction to practice reading in French?


We have given a name to the plot twist. 


We have given a name to the plot twist. 

lingua fandom: The shared language of fandom 


Earlier today I had a conversation about the different meanings of the word shipping with the lovely cyclogenesis, and she really helped me articulate some of my thoughts on the subject. I’ve been frustrated with parts of fandom giving the word a different meaning than the traditional one, but she (rightly!) pointed out that it is mostly isolated in a part of fandom I don’t really interact with anyway. But it was still nagging at me, and okay, I admit, it’s a tiiiiiny bit GET OFF MY LAWN, but I think what it really comes down to is the very basic desire to understand and be understood. That’s the short version, anyway. What follows is the long version.

In the vast majority of fannish spaces I’ve been a part of over the years, the word “shipping” does not imply anything about whether or not a couple is actually together, both for fictional and real-person fandoms. It could refer to a real relationship (either in canon or real life) but it could also refer to something completely outside the realm of possibility. There is (what seems to be) a very large part of 1D fandom that uses the word “shipping” to refer to relationships they believe to be real. Without assigning any value judgments to either of these positions, this is a potential problem because it is very hard to have any kind of meaningful exchange when one word has different meanings to different people.

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today in social studies we were talking about ships

and my teacher was like

“what makes ships sink?”

and some kid shouted

“when others ships have a canon”

and i realized



UfYH has appeared in Avengers fanfic. I feel like I’m Internet official now or something.

Thanks for pointing it out, you-know-who!

mr ollivander, do you think you could tell us what type of wand this is-

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What is the #BelieveinSherlock Movement? And How Did it Get So Widespread So Quickly? 


So I basically got my professor’s permission to write my bachelor thesis about #believeinsherlock. Guess I’m gonna start reading then …


…(I’m about to do the same!)

What if teachers had to deal with fandoms in Elementary school...

Harry Potter:
Children, stop swishing your pencils around, and pay attention.
The Mortal Instruments:
Your mothers will NOT be happy if you she sees all this mess on your arms!
The Hunger Games:
Stop trying to kill each other, honestly.
When we bleed, we go to the nurse. Drinking the blood will make us sick, understand?
Gossip Girl:
Gossiping is unkind, and is also against school rules.
Charles, come inside! For the last time, your skin will never sparkle!
The Hunger Games:
Stop caressing your bread, and save it for lunch, children.
Murmuring gibberish under your breath won't get you out of detention.
Doctor Who:
Stop trying to sonic everything.
Stop deducing everyone; it isn't nice.
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