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The Hulu Dilemma: How Private is Your Video Playlist? 


Behind-the-scenes tracking of user data is a core part of the business logic of video streaming. That points to a tension between what people might like to share with their friends on social networks and their wariness about having their behavioral data traded to pay for it all.’


Imagine the cities noise, CO, traffic and temperature data gathered if the Copenhagen Wheel was outfitted on every Alta bike in NYC’s bike share program

Putting these hubs on personal bikes although attractive to people like me, would open the inbound flow of urban data immediately if efforts were to combine with a community bike share program. Slightly modifying their current model by creating a quick pairing feature - from wheel hub to mobile device - allows the user to still retain their data, but also not be tethered to an individual bike. 

Alta Bike Share Program

MIT: Copenhagen Wheel

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