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Vermont Problem: You are super invested in the Twitter hashtag battle to preserve #BTV for Burlington and stop Bloomberg TV from swiping it.

"Shampnois says her office has applied a variant of the “broken-windows theory” that was used successfully to reduce street crime in New York, Los Angeles and other large cities. The strategy aims to involve homeowners in the search for solutions while ensuring that even minor violations are punished. Renters hosting boisterous parties can be fined more than $300 per offense, Shampnois notes. “We’ve made big gains in reducing the number of large parties,” she says. But CEDO’s Brian Pine says that students can blow off noise summonses with no risk of penalties from the university. “UVM seniors aren’t able to graduate if they owe … fines for overdue books. But if you owe the city of Burlington hundreds of dollars in tickets for noise violations, that has no impact on your graduation.” Adds Pine, “UVM has an inability or an unwillingness to hold students accountable for their off-campus behavior.” (via The Other Bed Down: Will New Campus Housing Fix Burlington’s Rental Problem? | Seven Days)


The Week in Pictures for July 2:  Boudee Lunangrath, owner of Mr. Mike’s Pizza (right), and Peter Dunbar try to clear a storm drain in front of Lunangrath’s business after a thunderstorm flooded the intersection of Main Street and South Winooski Avenue in Burlington on Wednesday, July 4, 2012. (Photo by GLENN RUSSELL / Free Press)

At the grocery store, the lady in front of me gets artisan bread, organic herbs, potted tomatoes, and fresh fruit. What do I get? Three potatoes and iced coffee #townsandgowns

Aaand it must be officially Spring

…cause everything in Burlington smells like cow shit

City Market and the laundromats are hopping as everyone gets ready for the week


One of my favorite photos from my college days. The sign says “Please do not use this door to enter or exit the building b/c of the blizzard.”  The Great Valentine’s Day Blizzard of 2007.

I wish I had been there for this!  #tooyoung

Apparently there’s nothing so chill in this town as hanging out at Dunkin Donuts on a Sunday morning.

I think I’ve seen just about everyone I know.


30 degrees. Winter coat on and sipping a peppermint mocha. Winter is here to stay! (I hope) #finally #btv (Taken with instagram)

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