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'Wot No Books' campaign/Save Stony Stratford Library

Why they did it : Stony Stratford Library faces closure for same reason as first story above.

What they did :  A campaign to encourage users to protest against the closure of Stony Stratford Library by using their full loan entitlement of 15 books to empty the library of all books between 12 Jan to 15 Jan 2011. More information 
How it started :  This campaign began normally enough with a petition and a Facebook group.But what about the ‘Wot No Books’ idea? It all “.. stemmed from a semi-serious (or half-joking) off-hand remark made at, it would appear, just the right time." by David Quayle of  "Friends of Stony Stratford Library

Result: All 16,000 books checked out! They reached their target of removing all books 24 hours ahead of time! As someone calculated, for this to have happened, at least 1,000 users were involved in taking actual physical action. It seems that this idea is going international , and libraries such as the Isle of Wight library are planning to do something similar.

(via Musings about librarianship: 4 Successful social media campaigns for and by libraries)

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